Amazing Relationship Facts You Didn’t Know About Becoming an Influencer Couple

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Influencer Couple

Aside from the well-known producers, we’ve seen many couples create news, viral personality posts, or videos on their social media platforms. They have more influencing values than just posts. Taking into account that you can also create more planned quality content on top of that. Then your fans will enjoy it even more than you do. What you can do is moderate all content before it is published. Control what you want to share and what you don’t want to share. Increase traffic to your content and launch advertising campaigns. Go viral and begin your journey as an influencer couple! Here are some helpful hints to help you achieve your goal.

Understand Your Audience

choice of audiance reaction
First thing is audience reaction. Carefully go through the positive reactions of your audience. Visit few random profiles and understand their reaction as an influencer couple. Read between comments and see what they are looking for by following you. By analyzing them you can easily build content strategy well work for you.

There are two types of user behavior. It can be reactions for no reason or reactions for a specific reason. .

Understand the second segment of followers who react with reasons. Understand the demography of the audience. If you get lot of reaction from the off audience that you are not targeting, tweak your subject, hashtags, brands you promote, gifts you exchange each other etc and evaluate the reactions. Repeat that until you find out quality follower being influencer couple.

Plan and Schedule Contents for Two

When and how
Whatever you do, you come to a situation of ‘What’s next?’

The best way to overcome that gloomy situation is pre-plan your content to be published. Align with your objectives. There are no hard and fast rules. It depend on your objectives and your choices, your follower’s interest, their reactions to the brands etc. Make it more fun. Same as you do not need to get ripped as of lifting your own body weight, just avoid unnecessarily try hard of over acting. Always remember it shouldn’t be a pain but fun.

Build a Couple Content Calendar

The next question when you find the answer to previous question is when to post? Your followers like to see what you do for such as Valentine’s Day, Women’s day, Mother’s Day etc. key social media events. As we discussed above during your planning, include at least monthly basis calendar with key events. In that way you can prepare without being rush and keep room for to be more creative. Your Calendar is in another way become a high level bird view of your post patterns. Resources monitoring with other schedules. So you can manage the frequency and maintain the consistency.

Relationship influencer couple
Analyze Similar Couple Contents

Sometimes, you have to look around and see what’s going on. Find similar content creating couples and see how they do. See their pros and cons. See how you can improve better than that. Discuss together. Plan together. Analyze hashtags and see how they useful. Which call to actions works well and compare with others. Always try to meet the Calendar deadline than quality while managing the best you can. Keep eye on trends and graph.

Keep Eye on Progress

Keep eye on progress
However at the end of the day the numbers tells the story. Keep your eye on the graphs that indicate the different KPIs and progress. Avoid too many open task and drop halfway done. Instead, note down each idea you identified to see if there any potential. In some cases you might want to drop some of them while discuss with each other. But no need to start immediately unless if it is the last option that you can’t neglect.

Stay Active

Stay active

Not everything in relationship ideas works always well. Sometimes there could be less progress. Notice the ups and downs. You’ll experiences the content creation as a couple is the most time consuming task. So with well planned, make sure to post easy to digest contents that your audience feel more connected and well engaged having good relationship. Try to have live sessions. That can be somewhat Q&A session or live chat while appearing live. That can help you to dig deeper to collect topics that your audience eager to engage.

Finally, consider the impact to both your followers and your relationship balance as an influencer couple. Be original.

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